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The Mobile Home Park on San Gabriel

I had to search for the article, and found this:

Sep 18, 2007

Gone, but not forgotten by the city

by Jennifer McLain

ROSEMEAD - Concrete slabs, abandoned buildings and trash are all that remain on a vacant trailer park that was leveled in recent weeks.

But city officials said that the demolition was pursued without the proper permits.

Richard Koo on Stimulus and a Balance Sheet Recession

This is a really great speech about stimulus by Nomura economist Richard Koo. Koo is unique in that he was working at the Fed when Volker was dealing with the Latin American fiscal crisis, then was working in Japan as it recovered from the 15 year "lost decade" of no growth.

The Two Deaths of Los Angeles Chinatown

The Two Deaths of Los Angeles Chinatown
by William Kwok

Click title to view the movie.

This is an interesting documentary.

I thought his bagging on our communities out here was kind of cold... but not entirely unfair. The suburban architecture really does militate against rubbing elbows.

City Council Salaries

I don't know the breakdowns, but the total is on page 65 of the annual budget. (BTW, could you all please consider using a format like PDF or DJVU? It's easier to view it by downloading the whole thing instead of flipping through scanned pages.)

Suburban Redevelopment Video

I've been watching this interesting TED talk by Ellen Dunham-Jones about turning suburbia into cities.


That is an acronym that starts out with the acronym, and then comes up with some words to match the acronym.

A History of Bunker Hill

Tom Wetzel has a good article about the history and decline of Bunker Hill. It's interesting to see how the hill changed, and he has ideas of why Downtown went into a decline.