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People's Republic of Wal Mart

I was reading Todd's link about antennas, on the LA Times, and there was an ad for Wal Mart on there.

It looked a lot like the flag for the People's Republic of China.

Right-wing, communist collaborators!

Forefathers to the Tea Party

Found this at the national archives:

That's right. It's Communism.

Obama Jacket: 27 cents an hour

from the Nation Labor Committee

Weatherproof's So-called "Obama Jacket"
Could have been made by Sweatshop Workers
Paid 27 cents an hour in Vietnam

Taco Nazo Review

Teenage Glutster ranks Taco Nazo #5.

Well, not just the Glutster but also a few cohorts who decided to clamp down on this out-of-control Yelpery that's turned every damned blogger into a food critic. Goes Drupal started using the Drupal as its software. This was a big win for the Freee/Open Source Software (FOSS) movement, because the tradition has been for larger organizations to pay a lot of money for customized software.

Drupal is free. It's not only cost-free, but also uses a software license (a contract) that gives users rights to acquire the source code.

Montebello Results

Molinari, Barajas, and Gomez are now on the City Council.

The hubbub (and lawn signs) say that Gomez did well in the hills, where he vowed to oppose development.

Barajas and Gomez were backed by unions, who did their campaign operations with phone calls and precinct walks.

A Thatch Roof is a Green Roof

I was reading a report on green roof potential in Los Angeles, and it dawned on me that thatch roofs are green roofs. During dry months the are just twigs, but when it gets moist, they may turn into a planting medium.

Local Unemployment is around 10%

A few years back, I posted about the local unemployment rate. It was pretty low back in 2007.

Today, according to the EDD website, the rate is around 10%. Preliminary numbers say 11%, and it's it has generally increased from January 2009, when it was in the 9.5% range.