BMX track idea

I know there's an idea of trails along the powerlines. How about a BMX track? It is a cheap way to have fun.

Or a skateboard park

In the past, I have also heard talk of wanting a skateboard park, or a dog park.  Recently, I even heard about a cat park.  Heck, why not a rat park or a bird park?  Okay, maybe not the last few.

I've also heard about folks wanting a water park.  Not under the powerlines, of course, but somewhere.

Anyway, if you're talking to Jim Flournoy, you know he's hustling around trying to identify sites for potential parks.  He's working in concert with the RMC to get grant applications in for parks in the area (Rosemead, South San Gabriel, etc).  So any other vacant parcels, post about them, e-mail him, contact a city council member, or use any other avenue to get these sites identified in time for us to get an application in for that Prop 84 money.

BMX track idea

thanks for the tip!