Drupal upgrade blogging

I'll start blogging about this Drupal upgrade so I feel "watched" and actually get it done.

I ended up staying up wayyyy too late drawing the theme and messing with Drupal. To top it off, my knee is killing me with gout, and the elections wore me out mentally. But I feel positive. (Except for this creeping paranoia... but that's probably the arthritis doing my thinking for me.)

It'll be good to get some theme-ing experience. Though I don't want to specialize in Drupal work, I have enough experience that it's a legitimate bullet point on the resume. Drupal's code architecture isn't the greatest... but, most PHP frameworks suck in their own ways, so, "whatever."

Also, Slaptech have been talking about moving the site(s) onto the new server for months, but our schedules are so jammed that it just doesn't seem to happen. So, I figured I'd start upgrading the Drupal installs on the server, so we won't need to have legacy support copied over.