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The Hidden Cost of Low-Wage Jobs

If you've been watching the news, you've seen reference to a report that says low-wage workers are subsidized by taxpayers, and that Wal-Mart workers are subsidized more than average. The report is at this URL:

a UC Berkeley study about the costs of low-wage jobs

Read more for more info.

Wal-Mart's Political Giving

Wal-Mart and its Founding Family, a report by the Insititue on Money in State Politics (, breaks down political donations by the Walton family and Wal-Mart.

Notably, they gave $10,000 to Robert Hertzberg between 1998 to 2002. After his term in the Assembly, Hertzberg later became a leader of the LAEDC, a group that later wrote a defense of Wal-Mart in Los Angeles.

SOC Signs are Being Vandalized

Stories are circulating about SOC signs being torn down, or stolen, and stakes being broken. Some vandal is out there doing dirty work to help out Wal-Mart. As if they'd need more help.

So far, reports say that on Friday night, the 29th, vandals tore down Wal-Mart signs along Delta and on San Gabriel, and broke the sticks, leaving the debris on the ground.

They need to fight clean. It's against the law to tresspass, and to mess with people's signs.