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Chickens 1, Racists 0

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary litigation, Rosemead has finally decided to settle with CAL Poultry to let the business remain in town.

The 710 Needs You!

SR-710 Freeway Alternatives Alert!

Community Liaison Council Meeting
Wednesday, August 8, 2012, 6:30 - 7:30 PM
Alhambra Library
101 S. First St
Alhambra, CA 91801

Thank you to those of you who attended or otherwise communicated your transportation needs, opinions and suggestions to Metro in last year's scoping meetings, and again at the Open Houses in May. Using in part the feedback from the Open Houses and additional public feedback, the remaining ten options - including both no-build and build as originally planned - are about to be further reduced to a small handful. Environmental Impact Reports and Studies will be generated on each of these for public comment.

Contract Extension? Raise for Garvey Superintendent?

The Garvey School District has been negotiating pay and benefit cuts with their teachers and classified staff for months.

Bloggers on this blog have criticized "the Unions" for their greed.

"The Unions" have made concessions to the District, but the District wants bigger concessions. Negotiations continue.


The developer who says she bribed John Tran now claims this case has caused her emotional distress.

More on the second dumbest thing Maggie Clark (and Sandra Armenta) have ever done

The L.A. Times is right: Something does reek in Rosemead. It's coming from city hall.

Second Best Chinese Restaurant in United States is in Rosemead

Monterey Park is going to be jealous. One man who has eaten at 6,000 Chinese restaurants said that the second best Chinese restaurant in the United States is Sea Harbour just south of Valley and Rosemead.

Number three is Elite over in MPK. And the famous Din Tai Fung in Arcadia? Number SIX sucka. Y'all Arcadians can diss us as a bunch of poor FOBs down here, but we have better food, at least according to David Chan.

Number one is Koi Palace in Daly City, south of San Francisco and by the SF airport. That means that the top contender in SoCal is Sea Harbour.

The second dumbest thing Maggie Clark has ever done

The city of Rosemead is still trying to shut down CAL Poultry. Legal costs are being racked up in the tens of thousands, with no end in sight and no legal strategy to keep from losing.

Of course, Maggie doesn't care; it's not HER money.

Chickens, coming home to roost

I can't help laughing at the thought of supposedly Republican city leaders trying to shut down a business that isn't doing anything illegal. Well, okay, I can't *quite* laugh, if only because they're wasting our tax dollars on this lawsuit.