Contract Extension? Raise for Garvey Superintendent?

The Garvey School District has been negotiating pay and benefit cuts with their teachers and classified staff for months.

Bloggers on this blog have criticized "the Unions" for their greed.

"The Unions" have made concessions to the District, but the District wants bigger concessions. Negotiations continue.

While the District pushes for more concessions from teachers, the Board considers a contract extension (3 more years) and a $40,000-60,000 annual raise for the Superintendent.

Tonight's the night

Well I posted about this in July. The Board has now decided $26,000 + in salary and another $14,000 payment for an annuity.

Nobody in the District has gotten a raise in 5 years, yet the Superintendent will get one after 2 years in the District if the Board votes yes.

Go to the Board Meeting tonight and see what is going on in your community.

The meeting is at Garvey Intermediate. 2720 North Jackson Avenue in Rosemead. It begins at 6:30 PM.

It's an outrage

The idea of a raise in the current climate is an outrage. But even without the raise, this whole situation stinks. The Superintendent is currently receiving a MONTHLY retirement benefit of over $9000. If your name is not preceded by the words, "former President," no retired government employee ought to be receiving that kind of pension.