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Stories about the city or area that aren't specifically about SOC, Wal-Mart or related issues.

". . . And then the crazy city council blew $300,000 to fire my predecessor, and offered me the job as political payback. . . ."

Somehow, I doubt the kids at this talk got the full, unvarnished truth about how Jeff Allred became Rosemead's city manager.


The local fish wrapper finally provided some coverage at last of Tuesday's city council meeting, where Councilwoman Polly Low suggested city council pay and benefits be cut. Makes sense: If we're cutting city services and raising taxes ("fees") on thousands of Rosemead residents, the least the council can do is share in some of the gain.

Name that park!

A couple of comments were recently posted about a proposed new park, which would run from San Gabriel Blvd southwest, along an Edison right-of-way, crossing Pine and going to Falling Leaf.

The posters support the park, but are upset with the proposed name for the new park: Jay Imperial Park.

Rosemead's Budget Deficit

Can't help noticing that Rosemead's city council is considering raising fees for senior recreation outings, charging non-profit organizations to use city facilities, and charging for overnight parking (just to name a few things they're considering). But they're not considering cutting their own pay and benefits. What's up with that?

Athens buying its way into Rosemead

Their recent contributions to city council candidates and city fundraising projects are paying off for Athens. Two years before the city's contract with Consolidated expires, Steven Ly is already talking about switching.

What is the state of the Rosemead? Pay to find out!

What the. . . ? You need to PAY to attend the state of the city address in Rosemead? And who gets this money? Rosemead? The Chamber of Commerce? Steven Ly? Totally bogus!