Rosemead has money to burn

Well, not literally, but figuratively. Apparently a lot of area cities are cutting back on their Fourth of July celebrations.

Thanks to the efficient budgeting and management reforms begun under John Tran, John Nuñez and Polly Low, Rosemead has plenty of money budgeted for various civic events, including the Fourth of July celebration, Concerts in the Park and our recent city-wide yard sale.

Several other initiatives begun during the past two years are also moving towards fruition. We still think we'll get an RMC-financed park on San Gabriel Blvd, near Garvalia and Graves. And we also expect a skatepark will be coming to southern Rosemead, too.

When those things get here, please remember to give credit where credit is due.

Yes, and when they start

Yes, and when they start cancelling all of these events and projects because they (the guys who say they want the city to heal) say there isn't any money, don't forget to blame the guys who are wastefully spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on things that will only benefit their friends and supporters. Again, I say: Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Maggie and her friends

Maggie and her friends decided to burn this cash by firing City Manager Oliver Chi. Over $350,000, up in smoke.

I agree. It is stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.

In practical terms, what will

In practical terms, what will this mean? Will it mean that wal mart will have an easier time if they violate laws or agreements?