There's a story in today's Los Angeles Times about an individual who is serving on the planning commission for the city of Los Angeles at the same time he is raising money to run in a state assembly district that is NOT in the city of Los Angeles. The story implies there's something inappropriate about serving in an office in one jurisdiction while running for an office in another jurisdiction.

But, really, isn't this exactly the same as with Senator Gil Cedillo, who can not legally move into the 32nd Congressional District, where he's running for that seat, because if he did move into the 32nd Congressional District, he'd have to move out of the state senate district that he is currently representing?

I think there's a tiny area of overlap

I think he could move into the area near the 710 freeway and 3rd street, which is in both districts. It's a modest area located near the Catholic cemetary and the Jewish cemetaries.

I'm not sure it'd be up to his standards, though. The LAT says he likes to live the high life.

Gil Cedillo's spending

Rosemead City Manager

Well, another one bites the dust! Now what do the Neanderthals, Gary and Margaret do? They could make Brian S the acting City Manager, except they don't like him. So, they will probably try to bring back Frank Treppepi. That is real progress!!! What bright, intelligent and progressive qualified person would want to apply for this position? The City will get the bottom of the barrel of applicants for City Manager. But, if you didn'tvote, don't complain. People get the government they deserve.