FIVE votes!

John Tran now stands five votes behind Sandra Armenta in the recount.

Over 100 ballots remain uncounted. They may never be counted. For some, there's a "signature snag." Some ballot envelopes were not signed. Others were signed but the clerk thought the signatures were not similar enough. Some ballots were sent in by voters the County registrar-recorder says aren't registered.

The thing is, several of those that the Registrar says are not registered are people who have voted in city elections before. They *know* they're registered. They were registered before, they've voted in Rosemead's elections in the past, but now the registrar-recorder says they're not registered.

I have to say that my observations over the past few days have really made me question the fairness of elections in this city, this county and this state. Voters knocked off the voter rolls? Envelopes with ballots, sitting in a box, unopened? I suspect this election is still not quite over.

I can't understand how all of

I can't understand how all of these ballots can just be sitting in a box. Don't they have to count them all?

count all the votes

The'll get counted after those mis-registered SSG residents with Rosemead Zip codes are eliminated.

I would suspect that a lot of these ballots are unsigned absentee.
It's not rocket science to see if the voter voted at the polls.

Then it's the intent of the voter. Unfortunately for the City Budget it will take an expensive lawsuit.

This issues has been litigated before but the law about unsigned absentee ballots has not been changed.

The registrar has little discretion.

It'll be up to the court

there has to be a better way