Margaret Clark Lies, Again

One of the questions asked last night was if any of the candidates supported 24-hour operation for Wal-Mart. Margaret Clark responded that she would "never" vote to approve 24-hour operation because of the residences and concern that Wal-Mart would become a magnet for midnight sales of liquor.

That's all well and good, Maggie. Except how can you claim you would "never" vote to approve 24-hour operations when you have ALREADY VOTED TO APPROVE 24-HOUR OPERATION? If you had YOUR way, Wal-Mart would have been operating 24-hours a day for the last FIVE YEARS!!!

It's only because of Save Our Community's lawsuit that 24-hour operation did not begin in 2004.

That's why the residents near Wal-Mart were so upset with your guys. You wouldn't compromise on ANYTHING of signifance, not even 24-hour operation.

24 hour operation

There is a different group of customers that come with 24 hour operation
Not just someone trying to avoid the crowd (which is not a problem at our underperforming Wall-Mar anyway) but increased loitering and drinking in cars,increased public urination in the bushes.
Panda had to put up a vanity screen to block the view of the unseemly activities at their neighbour's.
Panda security was reporting Wal-Mart "visitors" peeing through and defecating near the fence.

Would overnight camping come with 24 hour operation??
Rent-a-dress activities via C.B. has given over to cellphones.
Why are all those campers going "bump" in the night? More condoms in the parking lot?

Increased trash and grafitti.

Mayor Tran has solved the shopping cart problem starting with personally retreiving wayward carts.

What has Maggie Clark done?


I'm one of those 24 hour vampires, but, man, I don't like the scene at 1:50 AM at late-night stores. All these people lining up to load up on liquor for the "rest of the night", which probably involves partying until 6 in the morning (to paraphrase Snoop Dogg).

You know these fools ran out of beer and are making the final beer run. You also get the people who just have to have one in the parking lot... then leave the bottle behind. What's up with that?

If this store goes late-night, and then some drug dealers start cruising the parking lot, I'll blame Mrs. Clark.

They just don't care

No doubt about it, a 24-hour store in your neighborhood would guarantee drawing the dregs of society. Kinda makes you wonder why in the world Maragaret Clark and Gary Taylor voted to allow it, and why Steven Ly would have supported it.

"Under performing?"

I am curious as to the source of the statement that the local Wal*Mart is under performing. By simply using the "eye test" to see how many customers are, consistently, in that store, I am surprised to hear that it may not be meeting financial expectations. My guess is just the opposite.

I am no Wal*Mart lover -- because of the, mostly, bottom feeders that frequent the place. Nevertheless, I would rather have a Wal*Mart down the street than a local liquor store.

Not all small, family businesses are good ones, my friends.

There wasn't any plan to open

There wasn't any plan to open a liquor store on that corner. In the General Plan, it was supposed to be office buildings.

I think for the city, white collar business would have helped out more than more retail. The job opportunities would have been much better.

Alas, now, we have not only Wal Mart, but Countrywide is down in the crapper.

What the city really needed/needs is better development along its commercial roads.

You have all these businesses along Walnut Grove, but are they going to Garvey to eat lunch? I think they're going to Montebello.