COPS: Community Oriented Policing Strategies

One of the things "everyone knows" about fighting crime is the importance of community oriented (or community-based) policing. That means improving communication, trust, and dialog between the police force and the residents. We've been doing a lot of that in Rosemead as we expanded the neighborhood watch program, initiated a "Public Safety Academy," and have held more "meet and greets" between residents, the city Public Safety Division and the County Sheriff's Department.

As a result, crime in Rosemead is down 15%. This isn't news to you; there have been several posts on this website making this point.

What might be news to you is that the Clark team doesn't believe in COPS!

That's just crazy. If, as Armenta claims, residents don't call the Sheriff's Department because they don't think anything will happen, the LAST thing you'd want to do is cut back on your community policing efforts.

As a matter of fact, that whole article seems crazy. On all three of the issues mentioned by Kimitch, Clark and friends are on the wrong side. Against community oriented policing. Against the new general plan. Against improving city services.

It appalls me that these guys

It appalls me that these guys think so little of Rosemead that they would present either Ly or Armenta as an alternative to either Tran, Nunez or Lo. It's just so scary that people so completely unqualified have even a chance of actually getting elected.