Good Meeting Tonight

The city council meeting tonight will almost certainly be the last for John Tran and John Nunez, so I thought it was nice to see so many people stand up and give their regards to the two of them. Our city is undoubtedly better off today than it was four years ago, and it's due in no small part to their efforts.

I also need to wish the best to our new city council members, who will be taking office in two weeks. I need to wish them the best because I have to hope that they will govern more rationally than their campaign literature suggested.

Only two obnoxious women in the front row felt compelled to spout off about I'm not sure what. one rambled on for about five minute about Jesus and Alexander the Great. The other, I have no idea what her point was, other than to say she didn't like John Tran any more. Pure stream of consciousness.

I got some idea that they were also upset that a resident gave Maggie a hard time for some things she has said in the past. Even though they have both harranged and harrased both other councilmembers and city staffers in the past, they seem to think it's their place to tell our mayor he shouldn't let someone else do the harranging.

The last thing I got is that they seem to think it's a good idea that Rosemead taxpayers pay to have every word they say be transcribed verbatim for about $17.50 for every five minutes.

I can think of bigger wastes of money than this, but the idea of verbatim transcriptions of random citizen comments seems like it ought to be pretty high on the list of stupid ideas.

Hey, clue to you ladies: No one wants to pay to read your verbatim ramblings.

[Yes, I know, few want to read my ramblings, either. But my ramblings here don't cost Rosemead taxpayers any money to transcribe!]