Public Safety Enforcement/Actions

Yep, it's Friday.  Just completed a slew of new posts for the site.  The last one for today:  Public safety actions for the week:

323 active code enforcement cases/49 cases cleared/abated

66 shopping carts collected

947 square feet of graffiti removed from 43 locations

Keep adding up these totals, week by week.  The amount of work undertaken by our public safety and code enforcement teams is substantial, and it's helping to make our city more livable.

Code enforcement, bulky item pick-up

Hmmm.  Guess it's been a while since I updated one of these.  So, for the week ending July 19:  1506 square feet of graffiti removed from 72 locations; 70 shopping carts picked up, 28 bulky items picked up.

BTW, as sort of a sidenote, last week I finally got around to trying to toss out the old swing set that was in our yard when we moved in.  Even before I finished removing all the screws so I could get most parts into the blue bin, an Hispanic woman in a pickup truck was there to carry away what ever was available.

On the one hand, I think this might reduce our city's "score" when it comes to diverting trash from the landfill.  On the other, it sort of illustrates my impression that there's been a real uptick in scavanging of metals from our streets.  Seems like those pickup trucks filled with junk metals are everywhere,  And, hey, either way, it's getting recycled, so I'm okay with that.