National Night Out, Tuesday, August 5, 6-8pm

Tuesday, August 5 is National Night Out. In Rosemead, there’ll be an event at the Rosemead Public Safety Center, 8301 E. Garvey (adjacent to Zapopan Park, which is immediately east of Beach’s, and a hundred yards or so east of San Gabriel) from 6pm - 8pm. A press release about this event is here. In addition to food (courtesy of Target), you can meet your neighborhood watch block captain (if there is one on your street), or you can talk to representatives from the county Sheriff’s Department or Rosemead public safety about setting up a neighborhood watch on your street. Sheriff Lee Baca and Congresswoman Hilda Solis, Assemblyman Mike Eng, and, of course, your Rosemead City Council, are scheduled to be there. Gloria Romero’s field rep., Henry Lo, will also be there.

I’m not sure if I’ll be there. I have a quasi-commitment to support National Night Out at the San Rafael Library in Pasadena. They were planning to have telescopes there (their night out actually extends past dark, while ours will end before then). But I’m not sure if the trees around the San Rafael Library will even allow a view of Jupiter. If not, there’s not much sense in setting up telescopes. Anyway, I may or may not be seeing some of you in Rosemead, at least for part of National Night Out.