Don't take revenge, be happy

I found this article to be very enlightening, something I practice often, but have to be reminded of now and then.  I hope everyone can get something out of it.  I think it would make us ALLOT HAPPIER lol!!!;

Don't take revenge, be happy

>>>>A couple of years ago, I read a newspaper story that described this "we're not gonna take it" type of behavior as a normal part of modern culture. One guy who was interviewed for the article didn't like the way Starbucks designates cup sizes (as short, tall, grande, and venti). His way of fighting back was to use only standard terms such as "medium" and "large" when ordering drinks.

Hey, I do that. It's because the Italian names are hard to remember. I don't even try anymore, and just point to the cup first, like an illiterate. Do they have a "pico"?

I had to look up "venti". It means 20. Duh, of course. venti, venta, vingt. A 20 ounce cup. Don't they use metric in Italy?

Why don't they call the 8 ouncer an "otto"?

centaur, this stuff is messing with my head, making trouble.

Don't take revenge, be happy

Heh, heh.  I also tend to just say "large" when I'm at a Starbucks.  It's odd, but I just felt like they were trying to use their own language (well, yes, Italian, but still) to give their product some sort of extra cachet.  Besides, it's confusing to have "grande" NOT mean BIG. :D