Problem Viewing Site?

It seems the Internet Explorer users are continuing to have problems viewing the site.  If you know anyone who is reporting this problem, suggest they delete the cookies and temporary Internet files on their hard drive.  It would appear you'll need to do this each time you make a new visit to the site.  Also, logging on to this site with your user id and password (if you have one) seems to help.

To delete cookies and Internet files, with your web browser open, click on the "Tools" menu at the top of your screen.  Then, from that pulldown menu, click on "Internet Options."  A box will open.  You can click on "Delete Cookies" and "Delete Temporary Internet Files."  It's good practice to delete those at regular intervals, anyway.  The only drawback is that there may be websites you go to regularly that "remember" you.  They won't if you delete your cookies, so you may need to log on again when you visit them.

Problem Viewing Site?

I'm have found that if you search google and connect to a 'cached' version of the Save Our Community page, you can then navigate the site semi-regularly.  Without this "work-around," the SOC site generally won't load to my computer, even after clearing my temporary internet files and cookies.

I'm in the process of setting up a mirror site at which I would like to copy material posted here (with your permission, of course).

[As noted at the bottom of the Save Our Community page, you retain the copywrite to the material you write; you are always free to copy the material you write to another website].

Problem Viewing Site?

Yep, at the moment, everything is loading correctly.

Thanks, John!

Database errors

We were getting a database error. I think it has been fixed now.