Sorry to see "Garvey Parents" go


I am sorry to see "Garvey Parents" leaving this blog.

Garvey's Future


What do we REALLY want to be happening inside Garvey District’s schoolrooms? Do we want quiet, studious classrooms where every child in every classroom at the same grade level is on the same page, studying the same skill at the same time by doing the same skill sheets and workbook pages?


The Rosemead City Council, on Tuesday, March 13th, will award a 10 year exclusive trash removal contract to one of 5 companies who submitted proposals. A very complete and weighted set of criteria was used by the City staff in their evaluation. Staff is recommending the company with the best evaluation, which is Rainbow Environmental Services.

Lafayette's Answer to Net Neutrality: A City Operated Utility


The past couple weeks we've seen the FCC propose new rules they're calling "Net Neutrality". The people who have argued for Net Neutrality are calling it "Net Neutraility Lite" because it's lacking a lot of things they want - but includes basic protections.

One thing NNLite excludes is the reclassification of internet services as utilities rather than "information services."

Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

FTTH is the buzzword, and it would be great if Rosemead considered chasing after this "holy grail" of networked telecom.

There are few communities with fiber or municipal 4G networking. The big telecom companies don't want the competition. They are so desperate that they appear to be sabotaging municipal WiFi deployments.

Faizal Shahzad: was he in a depressive spiral?

Faisal Shahzad: From suburban father to terror suspect.

It sounds like he'd lost everything, and was looking for a way out. Bombing was that way out.

Read the Supremes (the corporate election spending decision)


You can read the supreme court decision allowing corporations more free-reign to spend money on politics at the opinions page on the SC website. The case is United States v. Federal Election Commission.

Pay to Play

I can't help but think that the reason why the SGVN group keeps running all those stories about the proposed Industry football stadium (while other news outlets largely ignore this pipe dream) might have something to do with all those two-page, full-color ads Roski keeps taking out in the SGVN papers.