Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

FTTH is the buzzword, and it would be great if Rosemead considered chasing after this "holy grail" of networked telecom.

There are few communities with fiber or municipal 4G networking. The big telecom companies don't want the competition. They are so desperate that they appear to be sabotaging municipal WiFi deployments.

The workaround, if the internet won't come to your community, is to create a self-contained "bubble" community of high speed internet. Internet acts like a magnet, raising the inherent value of the property by allowing for rapid communications.

Here's how to do it. Create a municipal "right of way" for people to invest in laying fiber optic cable to their homes. At these homes, allow the people to re-sell these connections via Ethernet (or any kind of cabling or wireless). Create a right-of-way for them to use fencetops in the back alleys. Allow them to buy as much internet, and resell as much, as they want, at any price.

In short order, you will find small businesses flocking to Rosemead to buy cheap high speed internet - and to sell services (and goods) to a highly wired community.

Enforce a "network neutral" standard contract. You can't prevent anyone from sending whatever they want (up to a speed limit of course). Also, force companies to allow customers to re-sell to others.

This empowers the local people to create a telecommunications network to rival the phone system or cable TV system.

It would be an attraction to engineer-types, media-makers, data center operators, and telecommuters.