Drama in Bell

The LA Times had a story about the city manager of Bell getting paid some $800k a year, and his big project being a $50 million park. WTF? Now the people are pissed off, and the City Council is demanding that manager Rizzo resign. They're also discussing taking pay cuts because these City Council clowns have also been feeding at the trough to the tune of $100,000 a year or more.

Bell is smaller and poorer than Rosemead. Those people are getting screwed in the behind.

Addition: just found out there's an organization called BASTA that's fighting for reform. Check out their website.

The city manager might be

The city manager might be greedy, but the city council members that approved those salaries were stupid and deserve to be removed from office.

Of course, all city councils wind up being a little like this, voting themselves all sorts of perks that most people are completely unaware of.