Electoral Fun and Fraud in Montebello

I only know what they put in the paper, and I know that the SGVN papers are far from objective. But here's what they posted yesterday.

ay ay ay, the sgvn

Well, they start out with the facts, but then go off on what's probably a yak-shaving expedition about Bill Molinari's son.

My guess is that the increase in voter registration, if there was any, was due to the campaigning that went on during and after the CC recalls.

Just right out the gate, you have at least the candidates motivated to do some voter reg. You also have the competing trash haulers, some who happen to be MTB residents, and the teamsters, who were trying to reverse the Athens contract too. (Athens is anti-union.)

Yes, recall campaigns register voters

That's what I thought when I read the 2,000 new voter thing, too. I think SOC and friends registered nearly 2,000 voters during our recall campaign, and we're a smaller city than Montebello. When you knock on a door and if they're willing to sign but aren't registered, you just pull out one of those voter registration forms and get it filled out right there. Now you not only have a valid petition signature, but you also have another potentially supportive voter for the election.

Of course, when you are being challenged by a recall campaign that has gathered signatures from 20% of the registered voters in your city, what else can you cry but "voter fraud"? The alternative is to admit that a lot of people, once they hear the facts, don't want you in office. It might be hard to get them all to actually vote, but if we're right there with our petition, they're willing to sign.