Fascinating Video Site for Politics

Just found this interesting site, Pandoxa, where they have some people talking about how they feel about the propositions.

That would be really cool if these people actually had something valuable and accurate to contribute. All these "man on the street" people seem like they're getting their opinions from TV or talking points.

For example, I just watched the video about Prop 13, which I knew nothing about. Then I went to Ballotpedia's page, and got a whole different picture about the proposition.

There are already tax exemptions for retrofits. This extends the exemption to unreinforced masonry - meaning brick buildings from way back. This almost sounds like a tax break for loft-dweller yuppies.

I don't know how I feel about this measure. I guess it depends on whether it would roll back reassessments for properties to 1974 levels. Because brick buildings are really trendy right now, due largely to their scarcity. That scarcity was probably caused by the lack of this exemption -- which would have encouraged some building owners to tear down brick buildings and erect more modern reinforced concrete buildings.

Anyway, that site is still really interesting. It demonstrates how powerful the media and political advertising are. The majority of people don't know and don't care about the propositions... but the ones who seem to care and know something, seem to know the wrong things!