Whitman and Poizner

The latest public opinion polls show Met Whitman rebuilding her lead over Steve Poizner in their race for the Republican nomination for governor.

So far, e-Meg has spent about $83 million in her race for governor--and the primary is still over two weeks away!

How much is $83 million? By comparison, the major party candidates for President of the United States would have been limited to $84 million each for their entire general election campaigns (had they chosen to accept public financing for their runs--both major candidates refused, because they knew they could raise a lot more on their own).

Get that? Whitman is spending the equivalent of a Presidential general election campaign's money for a primary election in California!

Well, she's probably "bidding

Well, she's probably "bidding it up" to discourage anyone else. That's one kind of ebay strategy to use to avoid competition.

It's pocket change to her. She's a plutocrat with billions of dollars.

I'm sure it's worth it to her to pass some crazy tax cuts, or open some loopholes so she can dodge her responsibilities.

She's an outsider who will fix Sacramento - just like Arnold Schwarzenegger was supposed to do, but clearly has failed.

This is why we need high taxes on the rich: it prevents them from getting the money that enables them to turn their megalomaniac political fantasies into reality.

You'd think that voters would

You'd think that voters would eventually learn that electing amateur politicians is sometimes worse than electing professional politicians. At least the professionals know where all the land mines are buried.