Rocky Delgadillo

Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo has been getting some bad press recently.

I wonder if it has anything to do with this?

Rocky Delgadillo

More bad news for Rocky.

Of course, when you have both the County Sheriff and the County DA gunning for you, you gotta expect to take a few hits.

Rocky Delgadillo

The news just keeps getting worse for Rocky and his wife.

I think it’s safe to say that it’s time to stick a fork in him. Good news for Sheriff Baca, County DA Cooley, and State AG Brown, though.

Rocky Delgadillo

The bad news just keeps rolling in for Rocky.

South Central Farm

WHOA. That Torres is low. His partner, Vignali, is one of the reasons why South Central is cracked out. Vignali's son was (is?) a coke dealer. He's that guy Bill Clinton helped out by shortening his sentence, because Torres is a big contributor to a lot of local pols.

Delgadillo is also one of the guys who engineered the sell-back of the South Central Farm to one of the original developers. The site was taken via ED for an incinerator, but during the time the Harbor Commission owned it, it was converted into a huge community garden that provided many benefits for the neighborhood. Rocky worked to sell it back to the original owner, but at a significant discount from the then-increased property value (due partly to the fact that the gardens kept criminals away). After some fighting, the owner's rights were asserted, and the community farm was razed. The owner wants to erect a warehouse on the site. At this time, the former community farm is now a vacant lot, an illegal dumping grounds for large trash, and drug dealers have returned to the now-vacant area.

Rich characters like Delgadillo, Jan Perry, Torres, and Vignali get rich off the labor and votes of poor people, and when poor people make some progress to improve themselves, these rich folks destroy it... and bring garbage and drug dealers into their "hood."

The end is near for Rocky

Apparently there are people who are even more cynical than me. The LA Times’ Steve Lopez thinks that maybe some of this mud on Delgadillo is coming from Mayor Antonio Villar(raigosa)’s office, to divert attention from his (Tony’s) affair with a tv news reporter. (Talk about life imitating art–if I saw a tv show with all these twists and turns, I’d think it was nuts. And, yet, here we are).

So now the LA Times is calling on Delgadillo to resign. Not just for the car thing, or the insurance thing, or for his wife operating a business in Los Angeles without a city business license (or paying city business taxes), but for the whole pattern of behavior.

The ironic thing is that all of this started when the city attorney tried to grand stand on the Paris Hilton thing.