The Brown Act in Glassell Park

This is coming out of Glassell Park, but it just bothers me:

A student sent it to me the day after I did a class lecture that covered (among other things) the Brown Act.

I sent it to the county DA's office, and they said it's up to the city attorney for Los Angeles to look into this.  So I then forwarded the link to Delgadillo.

Several posters to the youtube site and elsewhere say they are going to bring their cameras to the June 5th executive board meeting of the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council.  I hope they do, and I hope this council gets slapped some sense into them by the folks with the camera and the city attorney's office.  I'll post an update if I learn anything new.

Glassell NC gets slapped upside the head

I wouldn't go so far as to call this a "Rosa Parks" moment, but it was nice to have the rights of the public vindicated by the city attorney's office.

The Brown Act in Glassell

Aweseome!! Thanks for the great link.

And, yet. . . .

And now you know why these guys don't like being taped.