Eminent Domain in Arcadia

There was a story in the Pasadena Star-News about the Rusnak Mercedes dealership planning to leave Arcadia.


We'll have to wait to see if this actually happens.

Some of you may recall that Arcadia tried to use eminent domain on an adjacent restaurant so that the dealership could expand.  That's become a pretty typical use of eminent domain all across the country:  remove a perfectly good business or property use with another one, which will generate more tax revenue for the city.  [Rusnak generates over $1 million in tax revenue for Arcadia, on about four acres of land--compare that to the *claimed* addition of $700,000 in tax revenue for Wal-Mart on 23 acres of land in Rosemead.  Then remember that Wal-Mart isn't generating nearly that much revenue for the city.  But I digress].

So, here, the dealer says it's moving.  But they don't say to where.  Which leads me to think that this is a bargaining tool.  They're going to try to get more concessions out of Arcadia.  Or they'll attempt to pit neighboring cities/nearby cities (like Monrovia, Alhambra, Pasadena, and El Monte) into a bidding war where they can get as many concessions out of THEM as they can.

To which I have to say, "Hey, this one dealership is making sales of over $100 million/year.  They can afford to BUY their own property.  No need for them to come begging to a city for a handout."