City Council Meeting Times

Updated and move to top of the post:  The next city council meeting is Tuesday, May 29, at 6:30pm.  The city's Redevelopment Commission will meet at 6pm on that day, as well.

Motion approved on second reading

Late, late, LATE last night, the city council approved this ordinance on the second reading, which means it should take effect in thirty days.  That should mean that, starting in June, the council meeting time will be moved up to 7pm (but the next scheduled meeting, on May 29, will still be at 8pm).

Because of the fence demagoguery, last night's meeting ran until somewhat past midnight.  Don't have time to post a full recap, but I will say that it was a said day for reasoned consideration of an issue that deserves serious thought.

Date and Time of next Council Meeting

The Next Redevelopment Commission meeting will be held May 29 6PM
Next City Council Meeting May 29  7PM