Save Monster Park

The City of San Gabriel is planning to develop the old "Monster Park" or "Dragon Park". This was one of my favorite parks when I was a small child. It's a unique sand pit full of giant concrete slides sculpted in a ocean theme, and climbing toys that you don't really see anymore. If you're new to the area, even if you are an adult, you really need to check it out. Kids really like the climbing opportunities!

See: Save Monster Park and sign the petition!

I can't believe that San Gabriel is thinking of eliminating this park. If you go to other parks, especially new ones, all you see are prefabricated plastic tinkertoy play areas, and rubberized mats instead of sand. Kids like those, but they just don't have the scale, massiveness, and artistry that these concrete sculptures have. The size of the sandpit is impressive, too, as is the "portal" landscaping that you walk through to reach the park. It's a unique experience that I haven't forgotten.

Save Monster Park

I don't remember going to this park, but I do remember the monsters (meaning I must have gone!).

I'd be curious to see what they plan to replace the monsters with.  It's a shame that they're probably forced to consider this renovation to avoid liability in the event someone gets hurt on these "dangerous" creations.  It almost makes you wonder how we all managed to make it to adulthood, living in the midst of such safety hazards! ;-)

KCET Life & Times -- Monday 6:30pm

I just finished watching "McLaughlin Group."  Right after that, KCET had their promotion of their Monday schedule (February 5).  Looks like Life & Times is going to do a piece on the park.  So, for any one interested in this issue, tune in to KCET, channel 28, Monday, 6:30 pm.

Looks like they've been saved!

Today's Pasadena Star-News reports that the sculptures will be preserved!

1400+ petition signatures must means something!

How about that?  San Gabriel was presented with a petition signed by 1,400 or so individuals, and they responded.  If only I lived in a city that was that responsive to citizen petitions!

Monster Park Still Needs Your Help

     Monster Park still needs your support. San Gabriel no longer has immediate plans to destroy the structures, but Friends of La Laguna is responsible for raising the money to manage the repair and maintenance of the monsters. Amazingly enough, I learned this by reading Steve Scauzillo’s blog.

     Apparently, the SGV Tribune has decided to join the blogosphere. There are ten separate blogs (all written by SGVN editors or staff) linked to the front page of their website.

     Follow the Friends of La Laguna above to learn how to support this preservation effort.