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Thank you Polly Low and Victor Ruiz!!!

By this time, I'm sure most of you already know the recall election results.   Specifically, the recall of Jay Imperial received 2513 "no" votes and 1735 "yes" votes.  The recall of Gary Taylor received 2467 "no" votes and 1718 "yes" votes.  Polly and Victor represented us all diligently and passionately throughout this recall season.  I sincerely hope they both run in future Rosemead elections. 

Save Our Community Saves the Day!!!

Please read the article in today's Tribune regarding Wal-Mart's blatant violations against the law.  Everyone must obey the law, even Wal-Mart!  Here's the link -- http://www.sgvtribune.com/news/ci_4043437.


A Change Wal-Mart national bus tour will be held this summer.  This tour is scheduled to reach Rosemead on August 27, 2006.  All Save Our Community volunteers are encouraged to participate in this history making event.  Please attend tonight's (7/12) meeting or visit www.WakeUpWalMart.com for further details. 

Wal-Mart Here We Come!!!

Please read Todd Kunioka's excellent summation of April 25th's city council meeting.  He does a wonderful job as always.  Most importantly, Save Our Community wishes to thank Councilman Tran and Councilman Nunez for their superior leadership Tuesday night.  We still have a long way to go, but our team is stronger than ever.  Next week's Wednesday meeting (5/3) is cancelled

Please Vote Once to Stop Wal-Mart!!!

Please visit www.sgvtribune.com and vote "yes" on the Rosemead Recall Poll.  The poll is on the front page.  Currently, the "no" votes outnumber the "yes" votes. 

Arcadia High School Project

On March 1st, several Arcadia High School Students attended an SOC meeting to document our quest for justice.  SOC will be featured today, March 17th, in their high-school English honors project.  The following is a quotation from them expressing their gratitude and admiration.  

"Our documentary is undergoing final editing and we will be presenting on Friday.  This project has been an eye opening experience, and we could not have done it without the help of you and all of the Save Our Community leaders.  Your warm gestures and smiling faces put us at ease and earned us some great interviews for the documentary.  I will keep you posted as to when it will be done so our group can send SOC a copy.  Please let all of the SOC fighters that we appreciate your openness and what the group does!  Keep fighting for your right.  Once again, from Ben, Lisa, Iris, and myself, Thank you."