Save Our Community Saves the Day!!!

Please read the article in today's Tribune regarding Wal-Mart's blatant violations against the law.  Everyone must obey the law, even Wal-Mart!  Here's the link --

And vote on the on-line survey!

Immediately adjacent to the story noted above is an on-line survey question:  "Is the city of Rosemead doing all it should to ensure Wal-Mart construction is done legally?"

Amazingly enough, some folks actually take on-line survey results seriously.  So while you're reading the story, don't forget to vote.  Let our city council majority know what you think about their performance on this issue.  Vote NO!

Survey ends

When last I checked the survey results (around 11:40pm on July 13), the "No" vote was outpacing the "Yes" vote by 2:1.  Of course, I don't see how ANYONE could fairly look at what's been going on in Rosemead the past year and think that the city was following all the rules.

The one good thing to come out of this is that we will no longer need to listen to the insufferable Kevin McCall (Wal-Mart's spokesperson) claim that they were "following all the rules" or "complying with all the requirements."  SOC volunteers have personally witnessed over 120 separate violations, and now at least some of those are in the public record.  Who knows how many would have been discovered if we could inspect beyond the chainlink fence?