Thank you Polly Low and Victor Ruiz!!!

By this time, I'm sure most of you already know the recall election results.   Specifically, the recall of Jay Imperial received 2513 "no" votes and 1735 "yes" votes.  The recall of Gary Taylor received 2467 "no" votes and 1718 "yes" votes.  Polly and Victor represented us all diligently and passionately throughout this recall season.  I sincerely hope they both run in future Rosemead elections. 

Thanks to Polly and Victor, too!

Yes, they both wore their shoe leather out walking around Rosemead.  They should also be proud that they ran a good, clean, very positive campaign.  We stuck to the facts and didn't resort to the sort of hysterical distortions that our opponents used.


By the way, looking at the numbers more closely, things were not as bad as the first impression would have you think.  Polly got 244 more votes than there were "YES" votes to recall Jay Imperial.  That's just an educational problem (clearly, most of those 244 voters wanted Polly in office but did not understand that they also needed to vote YES on the recall part of the ballot for that to happen).  In a straight-up election, that's 244 more votes for her.  And some folks voted for Jay just because they didn't want him to go out "that way."  Pick up even a few hundred of those votes in a regular election and we're within spitting distance of a win.