Please Vote Once to Stop Wal-Mart!!!

Please visit and vote "yes" on the Rosemead Recall Poll.  The poll is on the front page.  Currently, the "no" votes outnumber the "yes" votes. 

sgvtribune poll

What a sheer episode in lunacy.  Two parties, one pro and one against something asked to send a decision for a poll.  Everyone, call your friends and relatives and have them vote on an issue in the media.  The poll is worthless.  It no more reflects the decision of Rosemead voters than a vote among the passengers at an airport.  We e-mailed relatives in Finland and they thought it would be fun to e-mail their vote to sgvtribune.  Makes a lot of sense doesn't it? 

"Self-Selection" Polls Still Have Value

This is an example of a "self-selection" sample.  It's not a random sample.  It's a sample that depends on the interests and motivations of the individual to participate.  So, no, it does not reflect the opinion of the typical San Gabriel Valley Tribune reader.  But it does reflect the relative commitment of the two groups.  Which group has the more dedicated volunteers?  Which group can mobilize those volunteers more effectively?

In a sense, it's sort of like when we have demonstrations at the Wal-Mart site.  Which side has the greater number of volunteers?  Which side has the volunteers who are willing to commit their time and energy to make the signs and march and chant and express their opinion on the issue?  In those circumstances, we have regularly turned out anywhere from 60 to 300 supporters when ever we have decided to hold a protest.  And they have never managed to turn out more than a half-a-dozen or so.

Final poll results

Apparently, the poll continues. The count, as of 3:15 pm on 4/24/2006:

Yes: 10,400 votes, 70.33%
No: 4,387 votes, 29.66%

I think we've made our point.