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South San Gabriel in the News

Reported 'carjacking.' The comments on this story are also funny, because of the racist and stereotypical things some people will post.

Meet State Senate Candidate Ed Hernandez Saturday, May 8, 3-5pm

Assemblyman Ed Hernandez
Assemblyman Ed Hernandez is running for election to state senate district #24, which includes El Monte, Monterey Park, Rosemead and South San Gabriel.

Benefit Concert

For the families of Richard Haro and Aaron Gallardo, who were struck and killed by a freight train a few days ago. Both were Rosemead High School graduates.

Friday, April 30, 7pm, Rosemead High School Auditorium. Tickets are $10.

Deaths on the Train Tracks

Two fatalities near the 8800 block of Grand Avenue this morning, as two Rosemead residents were found dead near the tracks that run along the northern portion of our city.

A longer SGV Tribune story is here.

Rosemead Reserves: $21 million

I saw at our last city council meeting that the city's reserve fund is $21 million. Wouldn't that be impossible if, as was claimed by certain current city council members, the previous majority was spending the city into bankruptcy? How did the reserve GROW while this alleged spending spree was going on?

We like traditional American values

This clip reminds me of Proud Rosemead Partners in Crime (or what ever they want to call themselves, now), because they like to think they represent traditional American values.

An Albatross?

Steven Ly calls the Glendon Inn an "albatross" and a "sinkhole."

You mean the hotel that used to be a den of drug sales and prostitution?

If you want to talk "sinkhole," take a look at the Dinsmoor House. The sad part is that Ly will keep on lavishing money on THAT sinkhole because his friends work there.

But was he gay before the DUI arrest?

Headline says, "Calif state senator says he's gay after DUI arrest," which begs the question of his sexual orientation before his arrest.