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"Hey, I know! Let's clog up traffic on the 101 for a few hours. That'll help raise awareness for the problem of homeless children!"

This is what happens when stupid people get together and plan an event.

Redevelopment Agency Scams

Interesting article on Redevelopment Agencies in the state. I'm sure there's less to some of the examples presented. There are also more examples of wasted money than presented.

Kidnapping Drama

This story has been developing over the past week. As I recall, the kidnapping of a Monterey Park woman started in Arcadia. She was dumped for dead in the high desert, and the kidnapper attempted to pick up the ransom in the parking lot of the Hawaii Supermarket in San Gabriel (corner of Del Mar and Valley).

9/11 runners

Surprising number of runners on our local streets this morning. I guess UFC did a good job of drumming up interest in the run and enticing people to sign up in exchange for the free trial membership.

Proceeds from entry fees is supposed to pay for the Rosemead 9/11 memorial. Not sure how much that's supposed to cost and if they got enough entries to pay for the whole thing.

Rosemead is No Springdale

Springdale is the gateway town to Zion National Park. It also has a ban on "formula" restaurants," which means national chains. No Starbucks. No McDonald's. No KFC. No Subway.

"Rosemead" on KNX

Woke up today to the sound of "Rosemead" on the morning news. Never a good thing. Can't find a link to that story KNX's website, but I did find this one, with a handy map to track Rosemead homicides.

Oh, boo, hoo

Why are we spending city time and money fighting against something we ought to be fighting for?

A high speed rail station in El Monte? YES!

Funeral Fund

I don't know who posted this and if it is legitimate, but I thought I would link the post (which is currently buried in the comment section) here, in case anyone were interested or wished to add additional comments.