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Glory Days?

This is a follow-up to this story, about the firing of the San Gabriel High School Girls baskeball coaching staff.

Meanwhile, mysterious news out of San Gabriel

Entire Girls basketball coaching staff fired

Why would you fire everyone after an "event" involving the JV? In the college ranks, they might talk about a "loss of institutional control." At the high school level? I don't know.

More Bad News Out of Rosemead

Does it seem like Rosemead only gets in the news when something bad happens?

Scuffle at Rosemead McDonalds

On the precipice?

If it were me, I'd have used a different phrase, because "on the precipice" usually has a bad connotation, as in, "about to fall off a cliff." Nonetheless, the AP is reports the President as saying we are "on the precipice" of passing health care legislation.

What does Sarah Palin stand for?

If it makes me a smug elitist to think that these people don't know what they're talking about, then I am a proud elitist.

"A Parade? For Me?!" Or, "Welcome to Rosemead"?

Maybe there ought to be some questions that you absolutely MUST get right if you want to have a driver's license?

A 59-year-old driver led police on a slow-speed chase Wednesday night, apparently because he didn't understand he was supposed to pull over for the lights and sirens behind him.

Football Follies

Given how the SGVN has been cheerleading the Roski football stadium proposal in Industry, it's hardly surprising that a story that takes a more critical look at politics in the City of Industry appeared, not in the SGV Tribune, but in the Los Angeles Times.

Gun Slinging in Rosemead

In addition to this morning's shooting noted in a post below, there were two other shootings in recent days.

No fatalities, but this is not a good trend.