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Rosemead Shooting

Six shot at Casa Latina. Los Angeles Times web article here. Nothing on the SGV Tribune site but an AP story, which looks to be a compilation of what appeared in the Times and a KCBS story. I expect/hope the Tribune will post something more expansive later today.

Free Flu Shots for Old Folks, Young Folks, and Sick Folks

Thursday, September 24, at Live Oak Park Community Center in Temple City, 9am to 11:30am. If you're over 50 or older than 18 months and 18 years old or younger, or if you have a chronic illness that compromises your immune system, they'll shoot you for free. If not, you gotta go someplace else.

El Monte Union High School District

The headline of a SGV Tribune story says this "race gets hot," but it's a little thin on the substance of the heat.

Tell Me Something I Don't Already Know

If something happens every day, it's not news. However, for some of those involved in the health care debate, people dying because they don't have insurance apparently IS news.
Thanks to CNN, if people still think this doesn't happen, it's not 'cause no one ever told them.

Fidelity Issues?

Bill Clinton's endorsement of Gavin Newsome for governor of California probably does help Newsome in the Democratic primary. On the other hand, one might also think this would remind voters of Gavin's fidelity issues.

Creative Financing

With all the talk about school budget cuts, here's a timely article from the Los Angeles Times.

We've seen some of this thinking in the Garvey School District, but not from Rosemead Elementary.

More on Health Care

I wonder why the "America has the best health care system in the world" gang wasn't talking about the lines in Inglewood last week? Still think the only people in America without health insurance are the ones that don't want it?

Speaking of health care. . . .

Congressman Adam Schiff is holding a town hall on health care tonight, 7pm at the Alhambra Civic Center Library (101 S. First St). The chatter on the web is that both proponents and opponents of health care aim to pack the meeting to show support for their side, so if you want a seat you might need to show up early.