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Bravely Standing Up for Nothing

Last meeting, the city council took the "gutsy" move of screwing the environment to save themselves some money. This meeting, the council will take the brave stand of opposing underaged drinking. Yes, it's already illegal. Yes, if you serve a minor alcohol and they cause an accident, the server can already be sued for negligence.

Fresh and Easy

Revised story on Fresh and Easy. This one has the obligatory kiss-up to Steven Ly. Never mind that the deal was all done but the dotting of the I's and crossing the T's before he was even elected. . . .

Official State Rock is No Star

At least not as far as our state senator, Gloria Romero, is concerned. She wants to remove a rock called "serpentine," which is basically asbestos in its raw form, from the state's list of official things.

Crime in Small Town America

Not safe to walk in Rosemead, unless you have a brother in a car with a cell phone to call the cops.

Snow Job on Rosemead's Budget

When is the Tribune going to get beyond just taking things coming out of Rosemead's city council at face value?

Questions the Tribune should be asking:

Thank goodness PGE is so bad!

If it wasn't for their own customers knowing how bad PGE could be, Proposition 16 would probably have passed.

Instead, areas served by PGE provided the majority "No" vote to keep the electric giant from getting an even stronger stranglehold on their monopoly.

Rosemead Budget

The SGV Tribune is doing another "Rah, Rah" story about our city council: Rosemead's Budget Plan Saves Services from the Chopping Block."

It's a funny article, once you put it in context:

Shots from the Goodyear Blimp

Nice pictures taken from the blimp in this story posted on the LA Times website.