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UFC Gym Coming to Rosemead

UFC Gym Logo
Story in today's SGV Tribune.

Talk to the Hand

Sarah Palin's Hand

Darn, that HDTV!

If you can't remember the three things you'd like to accomplish if you were in charge, then you have no business thinking you are qualified to be in charge.

I'm pretty sure this is a joke

Banana in Geostationary Orbit Over Texas

Yes, it's silly. Maybe even a little scary. But it reminds me of Rosemead city hall.


Any idea why last night's city council meeting isn't available on the Internet? Are they trying to hide something?

Rosemead in the News

Once again confirming my belief that Rosemead only gets in the news when something bad happens, multiple news sources have reported that the principal at Don Bosco Technical Institute was stabbed by a student earlier today.

Rosemead Lunar New Year Celebration, or "What if they had a party, and nobody came?"

It looks like the city of Rosemead is going to try to find the answer to that question. You see, you may not be aware that Rosemead has scheduled a Lunar New Year celebration for Saturday, January 23 in Rosemead Park(with January 30 as the rain date, which they may need to use).

Alhambra gets some good news

The SGV headline says "San Gabriel," but the story says "Alhambra." Anyway, the YMCA in Alhambra got a visit from the folks at ESPN gameday, Home Depot, and hundreds of YMCA volunteers to get a new playground.

There's a fair chance we'll see this story during coverage of the BCS title game on Thursday.

Remember what I said about bad news and Rosemead?

Yep, Rosemead in the news again--this time, for a murder-suicide.