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Rosemead Driver Involved in Fatal Traffic Accident

Fatal accident on an on-ramp I often use. This would be the ramp from Via Campo on to the eastbound Pomona Freeway. No reason why cars should collide here. There's a long, straight ramp for cars coming on to the freeway, and you have your own lane for over a mile after you reach the freeway.

Buying Good Coverage

Two full-page ads in the middle of the main section of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune today. One was for which is promoting (yet again) the idea of a football stadium in Industry. One of the main sponsors of this "summit" on the football stadium include the Upper San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority.

The Great Escape

A handcuffed shoplifting suspect escaped a Sheriff's vehicle and eluded the containment area intended to recapture him.

How does someone with his hands cuffed behind him make a clean getaway? You'd think someone would have seen him. And you know his wife must have had some questions for him when he got home!

Chinese food and drink

ABC story on Chinese imports from Washington state. Almond Rocha is a delicacy. So is Washington state wine--if you add Coca-Cola to it!

No Victim, No Crime

San Gabriel Police say they can't pursue the investigation unless the woman who argued with former mayor Huang can be located. Interesting turn of developments.

Huang Resigns

Sad but defiant, San Gabriel Mayor Albert Huang resigned yesterday from both the mayorship and his city council seat.

Officially, he was concerned about how the news coverage would affect his family. He still insists he will be exonerated.

Boring Rosemead Politicians Can't Hold a Candle to San Gabriel Politicos

Boy, that headline's a monster: "San Gabriel mayor arrested for allegedly taking woman's purse, driving off as she clings to SUV." Sounds like a domestic dispute, not your garden variety purse snatching.