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Election Results for Montebello Unified

Results as of Nov 7 12:14am, 100.00% of Precincts Reporting (31/31) Candidates (Vote for 2)

Volunteers are currently contacting candidates to invite their participation in Smart Voter. Any who have not been reached should send an e-mail including a phone number to
Click on highlighted name for additional information supplied by candidate. Contact non-highlighted candidates and encourage them to provide information for voters.

Deleted Rat Picture

Well, after I posted the "rat in a Wal-Mart can" post, things started going wacky for some of us Windows losers (er, users). :D

I deleted them.  Hopefully, this will clear up the site for everyone.

[Same as with the Oktoberfest post, with Explorer, when I click on the link for this post, it disappears.  Not sure why.]

SGV News Back Up

David Barron's newspaper's website is back up. We should put a link up to the site.

School Board Elections Thread

Those of you in southern Rosemead and parts of South San Gabriel send your students to Garvey School District schools for K-8, then on to San Gabriel High School.  Most of the folks living in northern Rosemead send their kids to Rosemead Elementary Schools for grades K-8, then on to Rosemead High School.

Both the Garvey and Rosemead school districts are holding elections in November for seats on their respective boards of education.

Sidewalk Astronomy: Saturday, October 20, 7pm - ?

Other Keywords:  Rosemead San Gabriel Pasadena El Monte Temple City Arcadia Area Public Telescope Viewing

[Edited 3 October]

Sidewalk astronomy in Monrovia (northwest corner of Myrtle and Lime, which is in Library Square Park) is scheduled for Saturday, October 20, 2007, from dusk until 9 or 10pm.  How late we stay depends in part on how many people are stopping by for a peek.

Free Money to Fix Your House

I found out on the Rosemead website that you can get free money to fix your house, if you don't earn a lot of money. See the Residential Rehabilitation Program on the City of Rosemead website.

They have special programs for seniors, to help make regular repairs. Basically, if you're a senior living in your own house, you should take advantage of this to keep the house in good repair until you sell it (even if you sell it to your children). You can get grants and loans up to $50,000.

Where is the City of Rosemead Website?

I was going to put up a link to the City's website, but I can't find it.  The link on WikiPedia says it's but that just brings up a search page.  Please send the url to johnk a+ riceball d-t com.