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Endorsement of Candidates?

Attention All Members:  Please make every effort to attend the SOC/YOR PAC meeting, Wednesday, April 26, 2006.  We will be discussing the possibility of endorsing several candidates for state and federal elected office

Big Rally This Saturday!

This Saturday, February 25th, we will be hosting a big rally at Rice Elementary School starting at 10:00 AM.  Rice is on the corner of Angelus and Rush, directly across from the Wal-Mart construction site, and stands to be very negatively impacted if the Supercenter opens.  So this Saturday, we're getting everyone out to protest - with our voices, signs and skits - all the

More Unfortunate News

Charles Schmidt, a dedicated and generous SOC volunteer, passed away.  He contributed to our recall campaign, and we will miss him dearly.  We send his family our love. 

City Council meeting Tuesday @ 8:00PM!!

Don't forget, the first City Council meeting of 2006 is on Tuesday, January 24th.  This is a good meeting to go to, so we can make it clear that the new year represents a new phase in our battle to save OUR Rosemead.  We want to make a good impression, don't we?  So come one and all to 8838 Valley Blvd. in Rosemead, starting at 8:00PM in the council chambers. 

The Fight continues this Saturday and Tuesday

Yeah, yeah, we know.  Yet another judge bought the Wal-Mart - Imperial line.  And we know they'll be looking to rub it in on Tuesday.  Let's rain on their parade a little, shall we?

First, let's all go to Polly & Victor's fundraiser this Saturday night.  Their campaign isn't over and neither is

Protesting Wal-Mart's Alcoholic Beverage License--Comments Due by January 5, 2006

Wal-Mart has applied for a 24-hour liquor license for its yet-to-begin-construction, not-supposed-to-be-a-24-hour-store. Although we certainly hope the disposition of this liquor license becomes a moot point [because the store will never be built], you may wish to protest this liquor application. If so, here are some bases for protesting:

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SOC's Recall Election Candidates

This was written by Julie Wang and copied into this category:

Save Our Community has chosen Polly Low and Victor Ruiz as our candidates for the February 7, 2006 recall election. Both individuals bring superb education and work experience into this election. Most importantly, they have committed to supporting SOC in its opposition of Wal-Mart. SOC is currently recruiting volunteers. If you are interested, please clink on the volunteer link. Thank you!

Announcements Category Formed

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