Flournoy vs Rosemead

A series on the Settlement Agreement of Flournoy vs Rosemead

Section 8 is Geologic review of Pending Projects

In August 2007 the City had a meeting with Wildan and requested that a geotechnical review be done on several then pending projects.

Wildan came back in December 2007 with a routing sheet!

The City then Contracted with Tania Gonzalez CEG to review the Soils reports for the project. She completed this task in January 2008. Her reviews were all "RESPONSE REQUIRED" We expected that Wildan would send copies to the responsible parties for response however they did not.

Finally on September 16, 2008 the City's Special Counsel sent copies via Certifed Mail to the four projects.

To date only the Bank of the West 9000 Valley has replied and completed the requirements of the Seismic Hazards Mapping Act.

Two projects on Valley Blvd and one on Mission Drive have not responded.

What now?

Leave it to the Planning Commission who has jurisdiction?

File a complaint with the Board of Registration?

Contact the A.G.?

I filed a CPRA request last Thursday asking for copies of any required responses to these reviews just in case they slipped in under the radar.

Hopefully this request will give staff a heads up.

Some direction and leadership from the council would also be appropriate.

Evidently Wildan was allowed to get into some very bad habbits under the Imperial/Taylor/ Clark regeime.

The Seismic Hazards Mapping Act has not been complied with yet for these projects.

It may be just paperwork or there may be substantial work for the project "permittees" who are the responsible parties.

Thanks for going through this

Thanks for going through this lawsuit. As I've read more about the site, largely on happenstance as I was reading other geological stuff (random web surfing), that earthquake and fault comes up fairly frequently as a recent example of liquefaction.