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Rosemead Legal Costs

Bye bye Bonifacio
By Jennifer McLain on March 23, 2009 12:37
The city attorney known for his late - and high - billing habits resigned from his post as Rosemead's legal defender on March 19, reporter Rebecca Kimitch confirmed today.

Halt Leading the Blind

Wal-Mar Seismic Paramaters.


Panda purchased outright the "outpad" from the Wal-Mar Supercenter.

The Outpad was supposed to be "Certified Grading"
This means turnkey ready to go
read on.


Section 7 CPRA requests on Old projects

I saw a Notice of Public Hearing posted at Rio Hondo and Valley. This usually means that a proposal is to come before the planning commission for a project on that site. One thing the planning commission has to determine is if the proposed project is "feasable".

Flournoy vs Rosemead

A series on the Settlement Agreement of Flournoy vs Rosemead