Stand Up for RYA

Rosemead's athletic fields are in high demand. A lot more people want to use them than can be accommodated. So last December, the city council voted (4-1, with only the councilwoman who can not tell the truth voting "no") to adopt a new policy aimed at making sure that Rosemead residents and youth organizations serving primarily Rosemead residents had priority access to these fields.

Naturally, the councilwoman who can not tell the truth is trying to make an issue of this. Although she's never initiated any city policies aimed at aiding RYA or other city-based youth organizations, she wants to pretend she actually cares about anyone besides herself. So she's running off to her friends on the SGV Tribune to have them write a story that makes the 4-person majority that voted for this new policy the bad guys.

The city of Rosemead spends over $70,000 a year to maintain these fields. Even the new user fee schedule (which favors city-based groups over outside of the city groups) still won't cover all of the maintenance costs. But it will help our own, home-grown organizations expand their programs that serve Rosemead residents almost exclusively.

There's a city council meeting tonight. If anyone has the chance, they should take this opportunity to ask the councilwoman who can not tell the truth what she has against the RYA. Why won't she stand up and allow Rosemead residents to use their own parks? Why is she favoring groups that primarily serve non-Rosemead residents over groups that primarily serve Rosemead residents? And why isn't she willing to see those outside groups pay a greater share of the costs of maintaining our city parks?

Thanks for the Turnout!

Haven't posted in a while, so I just wanted to thank all the supporters of RYA for turning out to the city council meeting last week to show our city council that RYA represents Rosemead. RYA has provided our residents with a lot of good opportunities for organized youth sports and they deserve our continuing support.

It was also nice to see the AYSO rep and the mayor meet and settle a miscommunication. Of course, since the disagreement was resolved, the SGV Tribune decided good news was not newsworthy.

As an aside, during public comment, I heard some pretty wild, baseless, and, in some cases, repeated charges. It's amazing what some people will say during an election year. BTW, Marelene: your front door must be subterranean, because you are stooping so low!

Great Turnout

I understand that most of the kids had to leave before the subject came up

But the outcome was welcome.

We learned that John Trans kids were involved in RYA and that they are Hispanic.

more than we needed to know

John Nunez has consistently supported the kids while on the school board and Council.

It's sad that we had no leadership for so many years under Maggie, Gary and Jay where when adjustment have to be made they end up haveing to be big ones.

No guts to bite the bullet on the tough decisions.