John McCain Blows off Letterman, . . And Pays for it


John McCain cancelled on David Letterman last night. David Letterman didn’t take that too kindly. "Racing back to Washington," he said. But McCain’s still in New York today! [First link is to YouTube; second is to Christian Science Monitor story].

I like Letterman. He likes to play "the dumb guy," but he’s no dummy. Not like the guy on channel 4. :D

Dave’s Top Ten from last night (listed in the CSM story; here, it’s on YouTube).

John McCain Blows off

What's weird is the whole "suspend the campaign" thing. I'm sure all 97 of the other Senators are headed to DC to hammer out a law that can be passed. McCain is just trying to avoid the debate, and to show up in DC and try to take credit for the final bill.

John McCain Blows off

1.9 million views of the youtube of Letterman's rant.  I can not believe it, but I think this Letterman thing might actually make a difference in the election!

Debate's tonight.  Could be interesting.

John McCain Blows off

As of today, if I had to bet (which I don't), I'd say it's Obama's to lose.  Barring a game-changing event, the focus of this campaign is going to be economics, and that does not bode well for the party that's been in power the last eight years.

Letterman has been absolutely raking McCain and Palin over the coals the past week. I'm not sure how much is ideological and how much is just his anger at getting lied to by McCain.


She says the same thing coming and going:  Nothing

Some news coverage from before the debate, that illustrates the Palin-drome:  She's too superficial to be President, Vice President, or any other significant office. She talks and talks but doesn’t say anything.

Also, Letterman, from last week, having fun with Palin.