Planning Commission Meeting, Monday, May 5, 7pm

Should be a quick meeting.  Only one action item and one update item on the agenda.  The action item is request for a T-Mobile "Monocypress" tree, at 7839 Emerson Place.  That's a bit east of Del Mar, backing up to Duff Elementary School.

The update item is on the Wal-Mart annual review.  Accoustical engineers redid the sound monitoring.  But this time, they measured at the "line of sight" from the second floor windows of the condominiums on Delta.

Guess what?  The city's noise ordinance *is* being violated.  So staff is going to ask Wal-Mart to put some sort of sound deadening barrier between the air conditioning units and the adjacent residences.

There's also another letter from SCE, that is a bit more adament about whether or not the transformer could have been placed below ground.

Planning Commission Meeting,

Hmmm.  So if they've been violating the sound ordinance every day since the store was opened, does that mean there's a big cash settlement coming our way?