Favorite Pizza!

Yeah, everyone's is Petrillo's, but what are some other good ones?

I've been eating it here and there, and there, and there, and there's more and more good pizza around.

Red Devil became Joe's, and it tastes better than before.

There's a new joint called Bollini's across the street from Joe's. It's wood fired gourmet, and pretty good. People have been talking about it on Yelp.

There's a new one called Cerese on Atlantic that is a thin crust shop. I thought it was kind of wet, but it was pretty good. Kind of reminded me of King Cole's in East LA - lots of tasty grease.

Rio's in MPK and Montebello... I like it. Nothing fancy, but it does the trick.

There are the older shops too. Vittoria's, Gina's in MTB, Petrillo's of course, DiPilla's, Genovese's, and Angelo's (haven't been there yet).

What choo like?


R U kidding, Papa John's! But, one has to go into N San Gabriel or is it Arcadia, to get it, and its on Las Tunas. I wouldn't mind a Church's Chicken either, but that is in El Monte.