Super Delegates versus the Peoples' Vote?


Will our next president be decided by the will of the people or by super delegates?

We all know by now McCain is on his way to winning all the delegate votes needed to win the Republican nomination.

However, Obama, although slightly ahead of Hilary, is almost neck to neck in delegate votes. So potentially, super delegates may be the deciding factor at selecting the Democratic nominee for president.

And, there are rumors the Hiliary camp is looking into "seating" the Michigan and Florida votes, which did not count because the DNC made a decision to invalidate those votes because these two states pushed their primaries ahead after being warned not to do so.

This is the kind of "back room shananigans" that turned me off, and I think many Americans, about the Clintons. If this happens, political analysts have warned that there will be a Democratic Convention "implosion".

I would enjoy any views on this.,0,4207348.story

Super Delegates versus the

The whole idea behind the "Super Delegates" was that they'd make sure the party activist didn't nominate another George McGovern.  They want to win.  Right now, Obama is the one that can beat McCain, so if they had to vote today, they'd probably fall in line behind Obama.

I sure hope the Michigan and Florida delegations do not get seated.  They broke the party rules when they scheduled their primaries.  And cheaters shouldn't prosper.

Super Delegates versus the

The Super Delegates will go which ever way the wind blows.  That's what politicians do.

There was an interesting little story box on the side of the story that Centaur linked.  It said if Obama wins both Ohio and Texas, Hillary will bow out.  That's almost a moot point, since I think if Obama wins them both he'll be able to accumulate a clear majority of the delegates without a deal.

The other interesting thing about that box is it says Harry Reid would get a cabinet seat in an Obama administration.  Kinda dangerous for the D's, because that could hand a senate seat to the Republicans.  Most intersting would be if Reid gets the post of Energy Secretary.  He might finally be able to kill Yucca Mountain.  That's another fight that (along with the Hillary nomination) I thought was a done deal, but now I'm prepared to be proven wrong.