Light on Rush, at Delta?

On the Traffic Commission's agenda for Thursday, January 3 (7pm), is a discussion of whether to place a traffic light at either Delta and Rush or Angelus and Rush.  This would probably be paired with the removal of the traffic light for the Wal-Mart entrance from Rush.

Residents in the area have noted the difficulty in existing Rush Street, particularly because cars on Rush are often drifting to the right to get ready to enter the Wal-Mart as they pass Delta.  So if you're in a car on Delta and trying to scootch forward to see if there's a break in the cross-traffic, you may find yourself in the path of an oncoming car.

Interested persons should make every effort to attend the Traffic Commission meeting to voice their opinion on this proposal.

BTW, there'll also be a swearing-in at this meeting.  Brian Lewin has been appointed to fill the seat vacated by Janet Chin, who was recently sworn in as a Trustee of the Garvey School District Board of Education.

Light at Angelus, not Delta

A small correction to your notes here.  The agenda item for this is specifically on a petitioned request to have a signal put at the intersection of Angelus and Rush.  There is nothing on the agenda about the possibility of putting a signal at Delta, and neither a study nor a staff recommendation has been made on the subject.  Of course, this is not to say that that could not come up in the course of the meeting, just that no work has recently been done in that direction.

I echo Todd's suggestion, and request that any area residents or other concerned parties be sure to attend the meeting to make their thoughts known.  The more information we have, the better.

Light at Angelus, not Delta

OK, then that's where the flashing beacon/crossing guard was paid for.  And it's separate from the complaint I had been hearing about trying to get from Delta to Rush.

BTW, the agenda for tomorrow's meeting has still not been posted to the city website.  You guys should request that the agenda be posted to the website.

Light at Angelus, not Delta

Actually, the whole calendar is blank; apparently someone at the City forgot to update it prior to the vacation.  It has been brought to their attention, though I doubt anything will happen in time to be relevant for Traffic.  Hopefully, they will have info up in time for Planning, CDC and City Council next Monday and Tuesday. 

Light at Angelus *and* Delta

I will refrain from going over the whole discussion, but here are some of the main points of the Traffic Commission's recommendation to the City Council at tonight's meeting:

* Install signals at both Angelus and Delta, coordinated together, and also synchronized with the Wal*Mart signal
* Put ladder striping in the crosswalk soon, to increase visibility in the interim
* Have a regular (not constant) law enforcement presence during school arrival and dismissal times, until such time as the signals are installed
* Install 15 feet of red curb on the south side of Rush heading west from the corner of Delta (where the fire hydrant is)
* Look at the Engineer's Condition of Approval #41 (pertaining to funding a flashing light or signal at the Angelus intersection) as a means of funding the relevant portions of the above